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click to enlarge Click an image to enlarge is the online home of raw food guru Jennifer Cornbleet. If you love to eat and like the idea of making tasty appetizers, creamy soups, delicious salads, satisfying main courses, and decadent desserts with nothing but fresh, natural foods, this is the site for you. All you need is an appetite for knowledge because the site includes a free How To Go Raw For A Day ebook, delicious raw recipes, a raw food blog, and much more. was launched in conjunction with the release of Unfinished Business by former Editor-in-Chief of Parade, Lee Kravitz.

After losing his job, Lee Kravitz – a man who had always worked too hard, too long, and too intensely – took stock of his life and realized just how disconnected he had become from the people who mattered most to him: his wife, his children, the circle of friends whose ranks had thinned over the years.  Instead of rushing out to try to find a new job, he committed an entire year to attending to the most important things in his life, to reconnecting with those dear to him and to making amends.

As a companion to the book, this site was built to foster a dialogue between Lee and his audience as he provides resources and inspiration for anyone looking to take their own Unfinished Business journey.

Upstarts Rock!

This website was built in conjunction with the launch of the book Upstarts! by Inc. writer, Donna Fenn. The book and site feature a new breed of young, brash, and smart entrepreneurs.  It is the result of more than two years of research on young entrepreneurs, but it’s just the beginning of an ongoing conversation. Donna Fenn not only introduces you to the amazing 60+ entrepreneurs in the book, but expands the tribe of Upstarts through blog posts, Q&As, and other dynamic content to which I hope you’ll contribute. The goal: to give readers of all ages a great set of tools for entrepreneurial success.

FreqControl is a site that "pulls back the curtain" on the record making process. An outgrowth of the acclaimed Headgear Recording studio in Brooklyn, NY. The client roster at headgear includes The Hold Steady, the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Son Volt, Nada Surf, and more. With FreqControl, the engineers at Headgear present behind-the-season videos of recording sessions, as well as interviews with noted audio professionals, gear reviews, and more.

This was a very challenging project from a content management standpoint as the people behind the site wanted proprietary videos to be served up dynamically by the site. We're very proud of this one!

Dylan Hardwood Floors

One of our earliest sites, we designed this site to reflect the straightforward craftsmanship that Dylan Hardwood Floors is proud to deliver to their customers. A refresh of the site with a full content management system and improved search presence is planned for Summer 2011.

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