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My website is not getting enough traffic


There are three possible solutions: content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

  1. Content Strategy
    The web is a funny animal. You would be amazed how quickly word about your website can spread and traffic can grow if you are really connecting with even a modest audience. If you have a website now, but you’re not reaching people the way you’d like, it’s possible that your content is not serving your audience.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Search engines are drive a great deal of web traffic. Searchers are not random visitors. If someone has landed on your site via search, chances are good that  they will be very interested in what you have to offer. If your site stats don’t show much traffic from non-branded search terms (your name for instance), chances are good that you can use some help optimizing your site for search engines (SEO). Search Engines also offer opportunities for paid or “sponsored” search results. We can help identify top keywords and optimize your site to rank higher in search results for target terms. We can also help manage search engine ad campaigns.
  3. Social Media Marketing
    Word of mouth has always been, and still is, the best way to market an idea or product. In the past you needed to get your message in front of the right influential person and wait for it to spread like wildfire. Now, with social networking, everyone is an influencer. We can help by bringing social media savvy to your web presence.  This will increase your traffic and turn your site visitors into advocates. 

My website needs more content


No problem. The Nimble Agency consists of a network of talented writers, audio specialists, and videographers. Whatever your needs are, we can help you develop content that will engage your audience.

My website is getting traffic, but not generating results


Strong content strategy is key to engagement and conversions online. Our content strategy service has been developed to help adjust your site so that it engages your target audience on a deeper level and helps deliver the results you are looking for.

I have a business/book/band/product/opinion/itch and I need a website


This is what we do best. We love planning, designing, developing and deploying new websites for small and mid-sized businesses and creative professionals.

We offer free initial consultations, so it doesn’t hurt to get in touch to discuss your project. Pricing for custom sites varies depending upon the size of the project.

The information on my website is outdated because it’s too hard to update


The days of needing a webmaster to change your bio on your website are long gone. What you need, my friend, is a content management system (CMS). 

A CMS is the tool you’ll use to update your website as easily as you send an e-mail, update your Facebook status, or type a letter. 

My website looks like it was designed in 1997 and I’m embarrassed to send people there


Don’t be embarrassed. Be proud of the fact that you established your website early on. That being said, it’s time to freshen it up. A revitalized website will play well with social media, be simple to update, and will look just as good on an iPhone as it does on your desktop.

We encourage you to get in touch to request a quote so that we can return you to a state of pride in your website.

People keep telling me that I need to “get on social media,” but it seems overwhelming and maybe even a little stupid



Congratulations! Your instincts are dead on. Jumping onto all of these new social media platforms as a reaction to generalities like “social media is the future” or “social media is where your customers are” is stupid. 

First of all, if you try to jump into them all at once, without a good idea of why you are there and what you will do once you get there, the most likely result is failure. 

We read hundreds of blog posts every day to keep up with the latest social technology, case studies, and social media techniques. We do this so that you don’t have to. Let us help you find the value in all of the social media chatter. 

I designed a website in Photoshop, but I need someone to write the HTML and/or implement a content management system (or vice versa)


We are happy to work collaboratively with other designers and developers. As a matter of fact, exposure to your work and practices helps us grow and improve our craft. So whether you have a design that needs coding and programming, or you’re a programmer who needs the help of a designer to make your work look handsome, we can help.