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Design & Development

At the core, we build websites. Most people think of the whole process as “web design,” but really that is a bit of a misnomer. In fact, graphic design is only about a third of the process – half at most. As a full-service agency we can manage all phases of the website building process.

Custom Website Design

When designing a custom website our focus is on serving your audience. We do not attempt to impose high art on a project that requires a utilitarian aesthetic and we do not go out of our way to find uses for the flashiest new technology on your site.

From the beginning of the project we emphasize content strategy. Before building a new site, we develop a plan for its information architecture.

With adequate planning in place, we then shift our focus to attractive, uncluttered and usable designs and typography.

Finally, we believe deeply in content management: All of our sites are very easy for our clients to update. If you have ever placed an order online, or added an attachment to an email, you will be able to keep your Nimble Agency website up-to-date. For the more web savvy among you, we typically use ExpressionEngine to power custom sites. However, we also use Wordpress and similar tools depending upon the scope of the project. 

Graphic Design

Graphic design is precisely what it sounds like: designing the look and feel of your site. After an initial consultation and download of any existing visual assets, we begin the graphic design process either with Photoshop or good old-fashioned pen-and-paper sketches.

The result of this effort is up to 3 “comps” for you to consider. From this point we discuss the pros and cons of each and decide on the elements to be included in the final design. 

Next, a master design is submitted for a final round of revisions. A finalized design is delivered in the form a of a layered Photoshop document

Content Management

A content management system (CMS) is the unsung hero of an effective website.

A good CMS will empower you or someone on your staff to make updates to your website as easily as you send an email, type a letter, or update your Facebook status. 

For custom websites, our CMS of choice is ExpressionEngine. However, we also use Wordpress for blog-focused sites and a variety of lightweight, open source CMS platforms for brochure-style sites.

All of our complete sites have some sort of CMS built into the cost. If you have a site that is designed the way you’d like but is difficult to update, we can add a CMS.


HTML/CSS coding involves breaking the visual design into its component pieces and writing the code that will serve it up to all of the popular web browsers in an efficient, consistent and stable fashion. Our focus is on developing standards-compliant code that is search engine friendly.

In addition to HTML and CSS, we may use some Javascript or JQuery plugins to achieve animation and interactivity where necessary. Due to issues with compatibility, efficiency, and search we do not use Flash to create animated effects on our sites.


Strategy & Content

Our focus on strategy & content is what separates the Nimble Agency from many other web design shops. At the center of our work is the understanding that successful websites begin with strategic vision and excellent content. Our strategy and content services can be valuable to clients who are looking to build a new website as well as those looking to get more traffic, conversions, or engagement out of their existing site.

Content Development

The Nimble Agency works with a team of talented content developers and editors. Whether you need help developing editorial, photographic, audio, or video content, we can put together a team to address your needs.

Content Strategy

“Most web project schedules postpone content development until the eleventh hour. As a result, content quality is often seriously compromised. When we practice content strategy, we ensure that our web content is treated as a valuable business asset, not an afterthought.” —Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web

Content strategy is where a successful website starts. We will investigate how your audience behaves online, analyze what they consume, and how they consume it. The result will be a new strategy that closes the gap between your content and your audience. 

Content strategy is a vital step at the start of a new web project. Excellent design, efficient workflow, and visitor engagement flow from great content. Content strategy can also benefit established sites by improving the user’s experience and deepening engagements.  Satisfied visitors will help drive traffic by spreading the word to their networks.

We can implement any usability changes that we agree upon as a result of our content audit, or we will be happy to work with your designers and developers on implementation. 

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is really a fancy word for a really good outline. Great design is enabled by strong information architecture. It is important to communicate a structure and priorities to designers in order for them to create spaces that can effectively communicate your message.

If you are looking to build a new site, we will work with you to collect all of the possible bits of content that may be used to communicate your message and arrange a framework for the designer to work within.

If you have a site that needs to be redesigned because it is busting at the seams with content squeezed into every corner, chances are that you have an information architecture problem first and a design problem second. We will do a full quantitative and qualitative site content audit of your site. The result of this effort will be a revised outline of how the site can be organized. This outline will drive your site’s redesign in an intelligent way so that it will not have to be redesigned again in another year as your organization continues to grow.

Internet Marketing

At the Nimble Agency we know that building a fancy new website is only worthwhile if it develops traffic and accomplishes your goals. We provide marketing services to help let your audience know about the great things you have to offer online.

Social Media Consulting

We have experience working with blogs and bloggers, Twitter, Facebook, location-based services (FourSquare, Yelp), and more. We also know that if you are just getting into the social space it can be overwhelming and confusing.

Our social media advice tends toward the deep rather than the wide. As consultants we identify the needs and strengths of the businesses and creative professionals we work with and match them with appropriate social media channels. We will target the right platforms, help you develop an approach that will provide something of value to your audience. This will inspire your audience to spread your message.

Authenticity is key to success in social media, so we do not participate on your behalf on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Instead, we serve as consultants who help you learn best practices and implement your own effective, authentic social media plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services begin with the identification of optimum keywords. Once the keywords are identified we will edit your site content to improve your site’s keyword density and edit the “meta data” that helps search engines accurately catalog your site. 

Our SEO services also include:

  • An XML sitemap to help search engines “crawl” your site more thoroughly
  • Submissions to a variety of search engines and directories
  • Recommendations for link exchanges
  • Content strategies to help improve your search ranking

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is all about paid search results or, as they used to call it in the old days, advertising. We can help you target the best search terms to buy and manage your pay-per-click search engine advertising campaigns.